Q & A


  • Q1. How long does it take time for one session? - 45 min massage session on  sitting on the chair  or laying down on the  floor  and plus 15 min guidelines to help the faster cure.
  • Q2. What is her specialty? - Ms. Chung has natural healing energy.  She will read and scan your body and mind,  and find out your current pain and potential pain and  will give  you guidelines on how to keep healthy by yourself as well as immediate cure.

  • Q3. Can she recognize client's symptoms by telephone?  - Yes, she can! Also, it is available for you to be diagnosed and be cured by the phone.    
  • Q4.  Should I visit her in person to take a massage?  -  Yes! But it depends on the case. She can visit you if are  not able to visit her.

  • Q5. Should  I make a reservation? Yes! email reservation, please.
       Email: chungnyo@gmail.com

  • Q6. How much for one season?- $150 for one hour.