Poems wishing to be songs


6. Morning glory 

                                                                                                                                             By Nyo Chung

Unlike roses standing all day long 

I won’t wait till you come. 

                  Unlike sunflowers facing the sun all day long

I won’t wait till you come. 


I will stretch my fingertips                 

  to reach your window.         


                   Then I just will be immersed  in your eyes        

in the morning.                       




마냥 서서 기다리지 않을래요. 



그냥 바라만보지 않을래요.        


가녀린 손끝 뻗어                       

 그대 창 가에 닿을 거에요.           

           하 많은 사연일랑  꽃무늬에 묻어두고 

이슬에 씻은 얼굴                       

      그대 두 눈에 잠길 거에요  .             


7.  Flower of Rock  

                                                                                                   By Nyo Chung

        The rock can’t have             

                          either red flower nor green leaves. 


 At night                           

 she saves the dew       


  At daytime                       

       she collects the sunlight  

    She blooms moss flower

    over her bare body.        




   붉은 꽃도 푸른 잎도 

          가질 없어                     



이슬 받아               


 햇살 모아                 


파르르한 이끼꽃    

맨몸에다 피웠네라.


8.  Sedona                                   

                                                           By Nyo Chung


              Oh! Red rocks at Sedona!                                                  

I would go climb you to share vortex energy,

               because you cannot come to me.                                    


       Oak Creek cleared as it flows!                                    

                 Living in NY, I shall go to you to wash my bags of dust 

  and flow like you, as you cannot come to me.  

Nameless wildflowers in Sedona!                      

I will go to be fascinated by your beauty,       

  as you will not come to me.                                   


* Sedona, AZ is the best place in the USA selected by NY Times.

                                                       Also, It is called by Oasis of desert with red rocks, Oak Creek and wild flowers.                           



                                                                   시인 , 정

달린 내가 가야지      
                         네가 오겠나                                               
새도나의 붉은 바위여!    


세속의 내가 가야지      

    네가 오겠나                       
                                      흐를수록 맑아지는 참나무 계곡이여!                

        부러울 것 없는 네가 오겠나 

  혼을 빼앗긴 내가 가야지

                       천년 향을 피우는 새도나의 야생화여!.

*Sedona, AZ. 뉴욕타임즈가 뽑은 미국에서 가장 아름다운 도시.
                                                              Oak Creek 계곡과 붉은 바위와 야생화가 많아서 사막의 오아시스라 불리는 곳.                                

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