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               What is the Mirror Touch?                                                                                        

Some say that I am a walking air cleaner, only a distinguished woman among ten thousand people and Mirror Touch. Those are my nicknames.

The reasons are because I recognize other’s health conditions within 1 minute as soon as I lay eyes on them. In addition, I can cure their symptoms when I touch them with healing energy. In the Catholic tradition, this is a blessing from God, in the Buddhist tradition, this is the person who earns merit by caring for sick people and in this is a mirror touch. It means that this is a person who screens others pain and symptom like a mirror. 

  In the beginning, I worked so hard to earn this power through yoga, meditation, and exercise to build up the energy over 30 years. When I earned the power, I felt joy and pain simultaneously. Because I was happy that I received the power but whenever I met the people I started to feel pain from them. No one is free from illness or pain whether it is small or big! When I meet someone who is ill, I start coughing and sneezing because of them. On the other hand, those who have blocked pathways of breathing, start to cough and sneeze before me. But they might not know it was caused by me. I believe that my strong energy touched their symptom due to all of energy being circulated instead of staying in one place. I used to fear smokers and people who are ill physically or mentally because I could feel their symptoms indirectly.

Even when I talked on the phone I felt others symptoms through the phone. When I called my mother who is living in Seoul, Korea, I asked, “Oh, mom! Do you have a headache?” My mother replied with a surprise, “Can you see me over there?”

 If you asked me how I survive during a bad situation, I will answer you “Every situation has an answer like how every question has an answer”. I have my own oasis to avoid these obstacles because whenever I see the children I say hello with my eyes and when I see nature such as flowers, trees, wind, and sunshine I also exchange a smile. These factors help me feel happiness and peace throughout my life. 

Albert Einstein once said, “All living things are energy beings, which exist as part of a unified field”. Ancient people of the past have called it a universal mind. Mirror touch is healing energy that everyone has, it can be improved and trained. We all can be energy healers and mirror touch too. For example, when we, as children had stomach pain or a headache, mother placed her child on her lap and said, “Mom’s hand is a healing hand, mom’s hand is a healing hand…” repeating this phrase she caressed the child’s stomach in a circular motion and all the pains disappeared and the baby fell asleep peacefully. Not only are the mother’s hands able to heal, but we all also having healing hands. If one of your family member’s has pains, try this method of slowly rubbing in a clockwise motion around the belly button or hold their hands and rub the area with love. Both of you will feel peaceful and warm through each other. Also Endorphin circulates and the immune system is boosted.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates once said, “The immune system is the best doctor and the body guard of our body”. If we exercise the muscles of our arms, we will have strong biceps like Popeye the sailor man. Similarly, the more we exercise and practice building up sense energy, the stronger our immune system will start to grow like a tree. Simultaneously, we have a vast creative ability like the abundance of green leaves on a tree. One Chinese acupuncturist, who trained and built his hand energy, could melt liver stones, which were supposed to be taken out by surgery by using powerful chakra of his hand.  

To date, Columbia Presbyterian medical center of N.Y allows trained energy healers in operation rooms, letting to the healer provide appropriate energy to the patient.  These days healing energy & touch have become very important and a required course in Massage Therapy School. 

These days, there is a high demand for home care, if home care givers were to learn healing energy it would be useful for themselves as well as for the patients. Energy healing is not a cure for illness; it is a method of to help facilitate the healing of the pain, it is also a way to prevent further illnesses. 

On November 2014, my leg broke and I went to school for two months with crutches because the semester had not ended. During that winter, I realized and understood the pain of patients through the pain I felt in my body. Then I made a decision to meet those who are ill instead of trying to avoid them. Shortly afterwards, I decided to open a healing yoga class because of the gratitude I felt towards everyone who helped me throughout my life and to gain forgiveness for hurting others intentionally and unintentionally. After teaching basic yoga and meditation, I will introduce methods on how to increase your healing energy week by week. If you build up your healing energy, your immune system will be automatically boosted and you will be able to use it for yourself, your family, and for your neighbors. 

With the belief, “to be the light in a world of darkness” I want to walk forward with all of you!  

- Sedona N. Chung: Spiritual Healer, Yoga practitioner, NY LMT, and Mirror Touch.